About the course

General information

  • Why take this course

    Progressively eliminating hazardous chemicals used in the production process and ensuring a safe working environment for employees is a key priority in the materials supply chain. However, many factories are struggling to implement a robust chemical management system (CMS). This is, in part, due to the absence of a clear understanding of chemical restrictions in the industry and a lack of strict chemical purchasing policies and processes to better control, analyse and select chemicals and raw materials used in the production.

  • Course description

    This module "Chemical purchasing policy and restricted substances" is one of many modules that make up the Chemical Management System e-learning course. This module is designed to provide a good understanding of how brands can implement a robust RSL/MRSL policy across their supply chain and of how the manager in charge of CMS should lead the development of chemical purchasing processes, approve chemical suppliers, and revise proofs of compliance.

  • Why learn with us

    Our tutors have strong field experience coupled with expertise specifically in the chemical and environmental aspects of the textile industry. We have developed engaging e-learning content that guarantees learner motivation and knowledge acquisition. We also include scenario-based or practical assignments that allow you to apply your knowledge and get personalised feedback. Finally, you will have unlimited access to learning content and resources.

Course curriculum

  • 2

    Overview of chemical restrictions in textile industry

    • Chemical restrictions in textile industry I

    • Chemical restrictions in textile industry II

    • Test your learning

  • 3

    Understanding what are RSL and MRSL

    • How to establish an RSL?

    • Test your learning

    • The RSL testing requirements

    • What is an MRSL?

    • Differences between RSL and MRSL

    • Test your learning

  • 4

    Understanding brands' chemical policy implementation strategies and procedures

    • Implementing a robust RSL policy across the supply chain

    • Implementing a robust MRSL policy across the supply chain

    • Test your learning

  • 5

    Understanding the role of the CMS Manager in RSL/MRSL policy implementation

    • The role of the CMS Manager in RSL/MRSL policy implementation

    • Test your learning

    • The Chemical Purchasing policy

  • 6

    How to make "Approved chemical suppliers list" and "Approved chemical products list"

    • Criteria to approve chemical suppliers

    • Criteria to approve chemical products

  • 7

    Understanding chemical compliance conformance levels

    • Understanding ZDHC MRSL conformance levels

    • Establishing tracking systems for non-conforming chemical formulations

    • More resources for you

  • 8

    Conclusion & Assessment

    • Summary & Conclusion

    • Final Assessment

    • Satisfaction survey


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    Yes. Contact Eurofins Sales (https://www.eurofins.com/assurance/consumer-products/contact-us/) to settle payment by invoicing. Once the payment is received, we will send you a coupon code to access the course.

  • What will I get after the training?

    After you completed the module and have successfully submitted your final assignment, you will get a certificate at the end.

  • Well, I have very specific question I would like to ask the trainer.

    You can address all your inquiries and concern about the training to productassurance@eurofins.com. We will reply as soon as we can.