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General information

  • Why take this course

    Progressively eliminating hazardous chemicals used in the production process and ensuring a safe working environment for employees is a key priority in the materials supply chain. However, many factories are struggling to implement a robust chemical management system (CMS). In particular, chemical hazards and the risks they pose to workers and the environment are not always well identified and analyzed to take the appropriate measures to safely store, handle and dispose chemicals.

  • Course description

    This module "Chemical risk assessment and inventory" is one of many modules that make up the Chemical Management System e-learning course. This module is designed to provide a good understanding of how to conduct a risk assessment in order to understand the level of risk each chemical pose, how the workers can be affected (e.g. through inhalation or contact with the skin) and the situations in the factory that require greater attention to reduce the potential negative effects on the workers’ health.

  • Why learn with us

    Our tutor has strong field experience after spending several years in Asia visiting factories. She is a specialist in chemical and environmental topics in the textile industry. We have developed engaging e-learning content that guarantees learner motivation and knowledge acquisition. We also include scenario-based or practical assignments that allow you to apply your knowledge and get personalised feedback. Finally, you will have unlimited access to learning content and resources.

Course curriculum

  • 2

    Understanding risk assessment

    • What is a risk assessment?

    • Test your knowledge!

    • The 3 steps of the risk assessment

    • Test your knowledge!

    • The benefits of the risk assessment and chemical inventory

    • Test your knowledge!

  • 3

    Understanding the chemical risk assessment process I

    • Step 1 A – Identify and deal with hot spots

    • Test your knowledge!

    • Step 1 B - Identify and document all chemical substances stored and in use in your enterprise

    • Test your knowledge!

  • 4

    Understanding the chemical risk assessment process II

    • Step 2 A - Identify and assess the hazards and risks of the different chemicals : hazard statements and groups

    • Test your knowledge!

    • Step 2 B - Identify and assess the hazards and risks of the different chemicals : amount, volatility, quantity

    • Test your knowledge!

    • Step 2 C – Determine control approach levels

    • Test your knowledge!

  • 5

    Creating the chemical inventory

    • Step 3 - Create a structured information base in form of a chemical inventory

    • Test your knowledge!

  • 6

    Summary & Conclusion

    • Summary & Conclusion

    • More resources for you

    • Final Assessment

    • Satisfaction survey


Senior Environmental Advisor and Training Manager

Francesca Giometti

A graduate in Environmental Sciences and Policy from Sciences Po Paris, Franc­esca has become a specialist in environmental issues and has several years of experience in the CSR departments of famous international companies. After 4 years in Bangladesh building the environmental monitoring approach and auditing factories in Bangladesh, China, Turkey, Cambodia and India, she is now the Senior Environmental advisor and Training manager of Eurofins Consumer Products Assurance (Eurofins CPA). Francesca has notably built Eurofins CPA environmental audit framework and developed the offer of environmental trainings for the factories and for the brands' CSR teams in Europe and in production countries. Francesca has more than five years of experience in developing and delivering training, and her great understanding of the environmental aspects of the business are the part of her unique qualities that make her training events an amazing experience.


  • Are there other options to purchase the course? (If I can't pay online)

    Yes. Contact training@aqm-hk.com to receive your invoice. Once the payment is received, we will send you a coupon code to access the course.

  • What will I get after the training?

    After you completed the module and have successfully submitted your final assignment, you will get a certificate at the end.

  • Well, I have very specific question I would like to ask the trainer.

    You can address all your inquiries and concern about the training to training@aqm-hk.com. We will reply as soon as we can.